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Carolyn's Sweet 16 Cake

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Sweet 16 Cake delivered to Westchester

Sweet 16 Cake delivered to Westchester

Well, this was a fun cake from the start. We emailed, we met, we chatted and I received a nice ribbon in the mail to match the fondant to.

That was no easy feat let me tell you.  :/  But where there is a will there is most definitely a way!

pretty close I think..  ;)

pretty close I think..  ;)

The design was elegant, sophisticated and that periwinkle color added the youthful fun factor.  And it was all done with homemade marshmallow fondant. YUM! Now this stuff is pretty sweet but it tastes delicious.. If you like marshmallows, this is the stuff for you.

The damask stenciling was done with homemade royal icing and custom colored as was the fondant.  My client loved the idea of a flower ball at the top so we did it! Flowers in periwinkle and white with pearls and bling because what girl doesn't like a little bling and a few pearls? 

Once it was all done, it was time to deliver. Oh boy!  Delivery is probably the worst part of the entire process. Seriously! :o  

We made it to Westchester in one piece and with my sanity still in tact. And in case you didn't know, I'm in Rockland and but I do deliver to Westchester and northern Bergen County. Woot… I'm tri-county baby!  ;)