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All About JBS

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Who We Are and How JBS came about...

Jolirose Bake Shop began like many other bake shops….  

I had a little time on my hands and, somehow, baking FROM SCRATCH popped into my head.  I believe it was Divine Intervention.  I mean, I have never had an interest in baking and especially not from scratch.  :/  (no I have never been formally trained- unless Google and Youtube count). And so, I baked a few things for family and friends and they loved their sweet treats.  They told me I should start a business.  Well,  after a few hundred times of being told this (OK, maybe not THAT many times ;), I actually did start one.  Jolirose Cupcakes was born.   

Then a friend ordered a cake.  A. CAKE.  They wanted a CUSTOM cake!!  Eeeeeek!!  Now that was a challenge. I hadn't really tried cakes yet but I love a challenge. So I did it.

I guess this is where I say, the rest is history.  But I'll continue anyway.   I got so many requests for cakes that I hardly received cupcake orders anymore.  Most of the cupcakes I made were in addition to a custom cake order.  Which is why I decided to change my shop name to Jolirose Cake Shop… Kinda matches what I actually do.


And then the business took me on a new and exciting adventure/challenge/opportunity. I bought an existing bakery business!  And it came with all the bells and whistles.. Turn key baby.   So in addition to creating custom cakes, I now have a new addition to the original custom cake business… wholesale and a retail storefront where the public can walk in and readily purchase some treats! No more having to call in an order weeks an advance for cupcakes!!  WooHoo


But thats not all!!!!  A new adventure has ensued and I have opened up a SECOND LOCATION!!!  At no other than, The Palisades Center Mall!!!!  Now you have two places to come visit and get your sweet fix.  And now, Jolirose BAKE Shop is born!!! 

We will be celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at the Palisades Shop in November, 2018! Stay tuned!


Oh and about our name...

People often ask me where I came up with the name Jolirose Bake Shop.  Well, I was planning a trip to Europe and wanted to learn a little French for emergencies like, where is the bathroom? Where is there a McDonalds? (Yes, they have McDonalds in Paris! Although instead of hamburgers, they sell Croque Monsieur and such.) Anyway, you get the idea.  While I was trying to learn these phrases I came across the word "Joli".  This word just leapt off the page and stuck to me.. I just thought it was such a pretty word.  Well, lo and behold, the word Joli means "pretty".  So thats where half the name came from…  The other half is from my maternal grandmother whose name was Rosario; I shortened it to Rose.  And there you have it.

Proudly  making beautifully delicious pastries and custom specialty cakes for all occasions in the NYC, Rockland, Westchester and Bergen County areas.  

Thank you for reading this and visiting my little cake world. 

See you at the shops!

What's so special...

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Someone asked me, what's so special about you? About your bakery?

Not in a bad way.  It was asked as an innocent question and it got me thinking...  

What IS so special about me and my bakery? What sets me apart from all the other bakeries?

So here's my answer  

Jolirose Bake Shop is a boutique bakery.  Rockland's first.  We bring a European feel and ambiance with a distinctly American twist to Rockland County.   Beautiful reclaimed wood adorns our stores with clean white walls and chalkboard accents everywhere.  We display our delicious products on cake stands and wood boxes and such. 

And that's just the decor. 

Let's talk about taste and quality. 

Our scratch made pastries are beyond compare.  We test every recipe and make it a point to get real feedback from many different people before we even consider putting anything in our cases. I take this process very seriously.  I know that if I expect my clients to spend their hard earned money with us, then I have a responsibility to them to put out only the best, highest quality pastries.

We make fancy desserts and put them right alongside your home style favorites.  We are bound to have something for every palate.  Our variety is awesome!  Anything from a Lemon Raspberry Meringue Tart to a chocolate chip cookie can be found at either of our shops. Check out our menu here.

And lastly,  I'm kinda fun and my staff is too. 😝

So if you'd like to have an amazing dessert or just try something new, come see us and enjoy our ambiance and boutique style shops.  Or you can always order some items online for delivery if you're not local...  we've got you covered.

Thats it...  that's what make us special.

hmmmm..  as I re-read this I realize that I didn't say anything about myself..  I do that a lot.

I'm special because I am the mother of two amazing kids and a wife to the bravest and most generous man ever! He actually jumped out of a moving vehicle on I-95 once to help a person that was just in an accident right in the lane next to us.  😳

I've done a few cool things myself.  😉

Maybe I'll be interviewed one day..  I'm better at answering questions about myself than actually just spitting stuff out..

Til the next time...   

Our new location

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And we are OPEN!!!

This part of the Jolirose story begins many many months ago, December of 2015 to be exact.

I asked myself a question one day.  "Where is the foot traffic?"  That one little question led me down an interesting path.  So to the mall I went.  I asked some questions and decided, what the crap am I thinking!

Then to my surprise, "D" who I will call the "Mall Man", called me and said,"Hey, I have some stuff I wanna talk to you about."  The next thing I know, the Mall Man and I are in negotiations.  We negotiated for 10 months!  Yup, you read that right, 10 months!  These things definitely do not happen overnight.  Lets hashtag it- #mall #me #mallman #lawyers #contractors #tile #plumbing #wayouttamycomfortzone #waaayyyyOUT #morelawyers #architects #meetings #money #research #marketing #didImentionMoney #exhaustion #heavyLifting #stress #pressure #moreMoney 


Then we were put into place.  That day was exciting, to finally see my kiosk in its new home.  

And the beautification begins...

My hubs did that tile design and put it up...  its amazing! He's awesome!

And then my very first customer.. <3

A small business in a big mall...  #LetsDoThis !!


Cake Wars- WHOA!!!!!

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I was on the Food Network!!!!  OMG!!!   Its still very surreal. 

The experience was amazing and my partner was THE BEST!  

So this is how it all went down...   

We flew to California (it was amazing and gorgeous and awesome and I had never been there before---EEEEEKK). <----  read that REALLY fast.  ;)

Lets get right into filming...  it was crazy!!  And I can't believe the judges thought for even a moment that my blueberry cake was going to be blue because of food coloring...  tsk tsk  

That beautiful blue comes from my blueberry reduction (which I had to make in the microwave to save some time).  Although I made that reduction in the microwave (I mean, we only had 75  minutes to make the cake AND decorate it...  I had to cut down on time somewhere!) that cake was blueberry deliciousness.  Along with the blueberry reduction, I added chopped cherries in the batter to get the red and incorporate one of the mandatory ingredients.  You know, HALO is all about blue and red. (I think)

The filling was vanilla swiss meringue buttercream with chopped cherries and a layer of almond glaze.

Ron Ben Israel said, "I'm floored by your cake", "Your cake tastes like blueberry" "I have no words"    I went there with the main goal being to impress Master Pastry Chef, Ron Ben Israel.  I can't even tell you how great it felt to hear that he liked my cake. 

On to Round 2. 

Yup, I made it to Round 2... soo exciting... but now the super stress begins!

Making this giant cake in four hours was not easy! But it really was fun!!!  It was even more fun cause I got to work with my awesome Jean!!!  Jean owns the company, Cakes with Character in Long Island, NY.  She is just a wonderful human being who I am blessed to call a friend.

Jean worked tirelessly on that Master Chief bust and in the end, it was just to heavy and our supports weren't enough to hold that huge piece up.  :(

He ended up in the garbage and I felt terrible about it.  But Jean of course was fabulous and let it roll right off her back.  

We had to keep on going because we were not going to be a Cake Wars team that doesn't present a cake or has a cake fall in front of the judges.. No sir! We kept on trucking.  It was hugely disappointing but in hindsight, I'm proud of the work we did.  Sometimes things just don't work out but that doesn't mean you quit.  We kept going and although we didn't win, we were proud of what we did there.

*Side note,  good thing we had those aprons on... that blue piping gel (Island Water) got ALL over me...

Our cake had a swarm of those little monsters (Infection form), we continued our red and blue theme from round one with the red and blue soldiers fighting, we had a mountain terrain complete with plateau's and texture that sits on an island, grass(buttercream), explosions (isomalt), water around the island (blue piping gel), sand (graham cracker and brown sugar), lots of boulders, Cortana (which was hand drawn by Jean) and covered with isomalt, pine trees and Master Chief's helmet.  Oh, and the Logo...  

I have to tell you .....   the airbrush was my best friend!!!  

Then we went to the judges...  with part of our cake in the garbage.  I knew I had to answer for that.  ugh!

They tasted the cake..  which was chocolate cake with Peanut Butter Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

They were pretty impressed with that Peanut Butter Swiss Meringue buttercream.  Waylynn said I "nailed" the buttercream but she wanted something more..  as luck would have it, I decided against adding cocoa nibs at the last minute cause I thought they tasted like coffee beans..  blah.   Oh well.

But Ron said that my Peanut Butter SMBC was "a revelation" and "the Buttercream transcended from a buttercream to a mousse, it was so billowy and smooth". So you know I was over the moon!!!  

In the end, I was happy I got to do the show with a friend, I was very happy to have gotten some great reviews on my work and I was ecstatic to be on Food Network.  Not so happy I didn't bring home $10,000 though..  :/

Next time.  ;)

We are #CakeWarriors  LOL  We made it Jean!!!!  <3 



A New Bakery

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Yup, you read right!  I am opening my own bakery!


As I write this, I am still in the process of the purchase and all that comes with that… And you can believe ALOT goes into purchasing a business.

Lets start at the beginning…. It won't be a long story because well, the beginning was only a couple of weeks ago.

Brandon from Hudson Valley Cakery posted that he was selling his business on Facebook and I was tagged (a few times).  Thanks to all the ladies that tagged me on that post ;)  Anyhow, I blew it off because of course, I couldn't afford to buy a business.  But then I told my husband about it and he said I should "Call the guy up".  I emailed "the guy" and he responded very quickly. Next thing you know, my husband is asking his mom to help me purchase this business and to my great surprise, she didn't even hesitate.  Like, not even a flinch. :o


I really can't thank you enough Barbara!!!  :)

I'm still in shock.  Not to mention extremely humbled that she (and my husband) have soo much faith in my capabilities. 

So fast forward a few days and I'm visiting the shop.  Everything looked great and I made an offer.  Fast forward another few days and Brandon called me to let me know he'd like to talk in person.  Hmmm…  whats all this "in person" stuff, I wondered.  It was all good…  we came to an agreement and started the purchasing process.  He was super happy and I'm STILL in shock but happy too. ;)

To all the Hudson Valley Cakery loyal clients,   don't worry… many things will remain the same. I'm a big believer in that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  But I will definitely bring my own brand of caking along with me.  I think everyone will love the blend.

To all my awesome Jolirosers, you don't have to worry either.  :)  My cakes will only get better and you can visit me anytime to get some sweets.  :) 

I have lots of ideas and I hope you guys will all follow me on FB and IG so we can take this journey together.  *Classes may be added to the menu too….  #justsayin #TheSkyIsTheLimit

We will be having a GRAND OPENING.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to find out when the party will be.  

The Steampunk Wedding Cake...

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So I had been planning this trip to CakeFest for months! The excitement was overwhelming.  I couldn't wait to meet all my Facebook cakey friends and just hang out. But then, at almost the last minute, I decided I would enter a cake into the Wedding Competition.  My FIRST EVA!!!! :o

The were a few stressful parts of this process..  

First up, figuring out what theme I would do. My goodness!  I went around in circles for a while!  I wanted something that had tons of details, something that was cool and would stand out. And after a few brainstorming sessions, I remembered about STEAMPUNK.  Duh!  This was everything I wanted for a cake.  Super detailed, super cool and it would be my first competition theme.

Theme idea. Check.

Next up, design.  Surprisingly, this was not as difficult as I was anticipating.  All the pieces fell into place. (Ofcourse, I deviated from the original design as I was building the final cake.. hee hee… I do that sometimes ;) )

Design idea: check.

I had some stamping, some stenciling, some molds and some flowers. Paint most of it gold, silver and bronze and throw it all together and here's what I got:

My FAVORITE tier is the bottom tier!  I am in love with it.  The layering of gears and frames and just stuff won me over. :)  I also want to point out the 2nd tier.  It was covered with white fondant and then with ganache.  The ganache was scraped so that the white could peek through.  I came up with that technique for my black Snow White cake and I think it works for this design as well.  The black corset is textured and has some cake lace accents as well as some handmade scrolls.  It was my first time ever using cake lace and if you haven't tried it, YOU MUST!!!  It is Ah-MA-ZING!  This was also my first time using isomalt.  Ummm..   AWESOME STUFF!  Try that too!

Can you see the ultra light stamping on there?? 

Can't forget my Bride and Groom

Can't forget my Bride and Groom

And this is how it all began...

And this is how it all began...

Photo Credit: Liz Marek of Artisan Cake Company…  Thanks Liz!  ;)

Photo Credit: Liz Marek of Artisan Cake Company…  Thanks Liz!  ;)

Now…. if you notice,  there are a few differences and here's why…  

I had to ship my cake to Louisiana.  GASP!  I know.. crazy crazy girl… But, it was a good thing I did.

#1- I totally miscalculated my timing for the plane and if I had to check this thing I would've missed the darn plane!

And #2- I wouldn't have come up with a really cool border.

This is how it got back to NY BUT it also arrived in Louisiana in the same shape…  popped off of the base and leaning on the box. Yup! This really happened the day before I had to register this cake for competition. 

This is how it got back to NY BUT it also arrived in Louisiana in the same shape…  popped off of the base and leaning on the box. Yup! This really happened the day before I had to register this cake for competition. 

So here's what I did...

I brought an extra couple of flowers but I painted them gold, which is why you see a gold flower and not a white one. I removed the feathers because they were totally destroyed.  I popped that cake back on its base and started my Cake Surgery.  Thankfully it wasn't extremely beat up… A few things broke, the ganache was a little cracked and it had a couple of indentations.

Since the cake popped off the base, the whole fondant border cracked and broke off.  I happened to bring a bunch of lace.  And some of that lace was already painted gold. So somehow I came up with the idea to fold it and tuck it under the tier.  Voila, I had an awesome border!  One of the judges actually said she had never seen a border like that before…  Woot!!!!  Talk about an ego boost. 

Oh, and I took FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!

Thats my Steampunk Competition Cake story. 

P.S.  Ma girls at CakeFest are THE BOMB!!!! Lifelong friendships were forged in Louisiana that weekend. Can't wait til the next time ladies!  :) :) :) 


The Floating Scrolls-Frozen Cake

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Well hello there.  I've been asked a few times now to show you guys how to make the floating scrolls from my Frozen cake.  Welp…  here it goes… :)

First I'll share how I came about this design aspect for the first Frozen cake I made..  I just wanted to do something different, it was as simple as that. I thought about some of the things I liked from the movie. The way the snowflakes would just rise when Elsa pointed her hand up was at the top of the list of things I loved. I just thought it was, well, magical.  So how awesome would it be if I could get an image of Elsa pointing a hand up and somehow having those snowflakes (my scrolls) just float up to the top of the cake? And thats how it all came to be. 

Alright, now that the backstory has been shared.. Lets get to the nitty gritty.

First you want to get some wires and bend them to your liking.  I used a 20 gauge metallic wire.. see the pic..

In the picture above I have already bent the wires and I also twisted the top and the bottom.  you want to make sure they stay together.

*It helps to have the cake stacked so that you can have an idea of how the wire will look on it before you add any scrolls.  You can always adjust the wires BEFORE the scrolls are added.. not so easy to do after they are on there.  

Also make sure you wrap floral tape around the bottom of the wire..  can't be putting metal directly into cakes ya'll!  Gotta cover that up. 

Now the trick to make this whole thing work is KRAZY GLUE! Yup, trusty old Krazy Glue.  Don't worry.. the Krazy Glue never touches the cake.  So, make sure the areas of your wires that have Krazy Glue on them DO NOT touch the cake.

I put a tiny dot of Krazy glue on the back of the scrolls and stick it on the wire.  OK- I know this sounds easy but trust me, its not so easy.

Below you'll see my vast supplies of sparkly adhesive rhinestones and silver scrolls and snowflakes.. Oh my! Just get the ones you like that match the theme.

Then you add the scrolls, snowflakes and rhinestones to your wire until you've reached the top.  

Let it dry for a couple of minutes until you are sure they are not going to pop off then put the wires into your chilled cake.  

*The cake needs to be chilled so its not so soft that the wire won't stay stuck in it. 

Here is the completed cake.  Notice that the only part of the wire that touches the cake is the part on the bottom that was wrapped.  Make sure you tell the recipient of the cake to remove the floating scrolls and any rhinestones, etc... before cutting. Oh and maybe take the age & Olaf off of the top too.. You know those Fondant figures become hard as rocks.  ;)  Technically they're edible but I don't know who would want to eat Olaf..  

*This cake was made for a girl who really loves Olaf and Sven which is why I switched out the edible images on the cake above.

Here's one I made with Elsa and Anna.

Here's one I made with Elsa and Anna.

So you see what I mean when I say her hand is up and the snowflakes are floating up from it.  :)

Thanks for spending a little time with me and my blog.  Hope you enjoy making the floating scrolls.  


Eiffel Tower Cake

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So one day my friend Stefanie called me up and asked if I could make an Eiffel Tower Cake…  Ofcourse I said, SURE!!!  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all things Parisian! :)  

And then she sent a picture of what she wanted.  Ummm…  She wanted a 3D EIFFEL TOWER!!!  Like,  a miniature eiffel tower… not a cute cake with a flat eiffel tower on the front or maybe an Eiffel Tower topper.. no no no.. She wanted the REAL DEAL!  :o  Thinking back on this, I'm not even sure why I was surprised.  Anyone who knows Stefanie knows that she is a GO BIG OR GO HOME kinda lady!  

I should mention that I had made my first ever cake ONE YEAR before this request came into my life.  Needless to say, I was nervous but I took the challenge anyway!

Well…  that cake served its purpose!  I had lots of learnings.  One of which was, DO NOT EVER underestimate the time it takes to build an Eiffel Tower cake!  I was so naive to think it would only take me one day to get this thing decorated.. OH BOY! What a mistake!!  It took me 35 hours  JUST to decorate it. Forget about baking.

So here she is all done… Ofcourse I can now see soo many flaws but at the time, I was over the moon that I pulled this off.  :) :)

But before I got to that…  There were MANY other steps...

Yup, YES I DID use foam!!! *Please note the bottom is covered so the foam does not to touch the cake part.

Yup, YES I DID use foam!!! *Please note the bottom is covered so the foam does not to touch the cake part.

So there were about A GAZILLION x's that had to be made….

So there were about A GAZILLION x's that had to be made….

Just want to mention that my clay extruder broke about a quarter of the way through making these x's and I had to roll out and hand cut EACH ONE!  Yup, you read that correctly!  But lets move along.. there's more… :)

I skipped a little, but I basically just stacked and dirty iced the cakes then covered in fondant.  Now a days I would definitely work this a lot more but ignorance is bliss right?!  LOL  I thought this was amazing at the time. :)

More X's…..

More X's…..

Board & Bottom half are done…

Board & Bottom half are done…

Here's the end result including Ombre Mini Cakes.

All in all, this was an amazing learning experience and Stefanie ended up loving it. :) That alone makes me happy.  I hope this blog post can help someone out there whether its deciding to take a huge challenge (I say DO IT DO IT!!!) or whether it helps figure out that yes, you can use foam for some parts of a cake.  ;) 

Happy Caking Everyone!!!  

P.S.  Please excuse all the bad pictures.. I didn't know at the time that I would be writing a blog post about this cake.  Not to mention the ignorance is bliss thing again… :)  I just didn't know how to take good pictures but thanks to Shawna over at McGreevy Cakes and her great blog post about pictures, my pictures are now a million times better…  Go check her blog out!  You won't be disappointed! She is an amazing talent and she's pretty funny & entertaining too.  ;)

My first Photo Shoot cake. :O

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Well ladies and gentlemen, I have had my FIRST EVER wedding cake photo shoot.. OK, so it was actually a Styled Photo Shoot for Veluz wedding gowns but my cake was totally part of it.. ;)

A few months back I was contacted by Jen from Ever After Bridal to see about making a wedding cake for her shoot and I was blown away of course!  Even more so when she told me she found me on Wedding Wire.  See,  I hadn't updated my Wedding Wire account in like


I couldn't believe she actually contacted me after seeing that.. Anyhow, lucky me, she did.

Her vision was amazing and she put it all together beautifully.  Such a sweet lady with an amazing eye for detail and beauty.  Seriously, if you are a bride to be, you owe it to yourself to try these Veluz gowns… they are just STUNNING!

Here are some Work In Progress shots of this cake, which took a really long time to make by the way.

The first peony is done for this cake… just waiting for a little dusting action...

The first peony is done for this cake… just waiting for a little dusting action...

Some more flowers… and there were a bunch more not pictured…  I mixed gum paste flowers in with wafer paper flowers.  

Some more flowers… and there were a bunch more not pictured…  I mixed gum paste flowers in with wafer paper flowers.  

So lots of flowers as you can see….

Some ruffles but otherwise, lots of nakedness…  ready to get fancied up...

Some ruffles but otherwise, lots of nakedness…  ready to get fancied up...

My absolute FAVORITE shot of this cake.

My absolute FAVORITE shot of this cake.

Here she is in all her glory!  All dressed up and styled with a Pro Photographer working her magic.  Stefy Hilmer was not only an amazing photographer while we were shooting, she made me super calm and comfy.  I imagine she has this effect on all her clients too.  

And then it only gets better!  After all this work and planning that Jen and her team did (meaning all of us ;) )..  We got picked up by none other than Wedding Chicks!!!!!!  I can't even tell you the THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of subscribers and fans they have. 

AND THEN! Wedding Chicks actually reached out to me and asked me to be a vendor in the Wedding Chicks family… By the way, they handpick their vendors… not everyone is asked.  I was FLOORED!!!!  And that was a resounding YES that Lauren from WC heard!  

Wedding Chicks Member 2014

And here is the blog post. Wedding Chicks Dream Come True Pastel Wedding

And the last, AND THEN!

The cake made it to the Daily Top 3 on Cakes Decor.. another first for me!  Holy Cake Heaven!!!

Close up with the woods in the background..

Close up with the woods in the background..

I HAD to add a shot of my favorite Veluz wedding gown.  Its just PERFECT!  The detail is amazing!

I HAD to add a shot of my favorite Veluz wedding gown.  Its just PERFECT!  The detail is amazing!

And there you have it…. lots of firsts and lots of pics of the firsts… :)

Thanks to Jen at Ever After Bridal for trusting me with such an important shoot for Veluz gowns here in the United States and thanks to Stefy at Stefy Hilmer Photography for taking such awesome photographs of what has become the cake I'm proudest of.

Nyack Street Fair

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Well hello there.

I thought I'd share a little insight to the street fair I just attended as a vendor.. FYI: This is THE best street fair in Rockland County!  Our little village becomes a sea of people and tents in a matter of hours. Face painters, jewelry makers and so many other artists line the streets.  

As many of you know, mostly because I put it in my FAQ section ;) , I don't have a storefront so the street fair is where I get to meet a lot of people that follow my work and it was awesome!  


Soo many came by to say hi and a whole bunch of people stopped to look at my display cakes. I have to say that there were a few (annoying) bees that kept on going into my gum paste flowers.  This was going on ALL day… I finally decided it was a compliment and let it go.  LOL

There were such wonderful compliments coming my way that I was beaming all day.  Thank you to those of you who came by my booth.

I found out just how much people like coconut macaroons, especially when they're gluten free. Sidenote: MAKE MORE NEXT TIME!!!!

If you are looking for something to do in Rockland County, NY on a day that the Nyack Street Fair is going on, do your best to make it here.  Its great fun and the people are awesome.  I'm so proud of my village and all the small businesses here. Click here for dates. 


Carolyn's Sweet 16 Cake

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Sweet 16 Cake delivered to Westchester

Sweet 16 Cake delivered to Westchester

Well, this was a fun cake from the start. We emailed, we met, we chatted and I received a nice ribbon in the mail to match the fondant to.

That was no easy feat let me tell you.  :/  But where there is a will there is most definitely a way!

pretty close I think..  ;)

pretty close I think..  ;)

The design was elegant, sophisticated and that periwinkle color added the youthful fun factor.  And it was all done with homemade marshmallow fondant. YUM! Now this stuff is pretty sweet but it tastes delicious.. If you like marshmallows, this is the stuff for you.

The damask stenciling was done with homemade royal icing and custom colored as was the fondant.  My client loved the idea of a flower ball at the top so we did it! Flowers in periwinkle and white with pearls and bling because what girl doesn't like a little bling and a few pearls? 

Once it was all done, it was time to deliver. Oh boy!  Delivery is probably the worst part of the entire process. Seriously! :o  

We made it to Westchester in one piece and with my sanity still in tact. And in case you didn't know, I'm in Rockland and but I do deliver to Westchester and northern Bergen County. Woot… I'm tri-county baby!  ;)

A Little About Yours Truly

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My first blog post!  

Well,  what better way to start out than by linking you to an interview Michelle Green from The Business of Baking did with me.  It'll give you a little insight to me as a mom, baker and entrepreneur.  I'm pretty proud of it since I highly respect Michelle and value what she writes about.
FYI: I have no idea what this blog will become.. I'm just going with the flow so stay tuned and thanks for taking a peek.  ;)
Here's the link.


Jolirose Cake Shop handcrafts specialty custom wedding cakes, birthday cakes and all other special occasion cakes in NYC and Rockland County.  We also deliver custom cakes to the Bronx, Westchester and Bergen County.   Please visit our Facebook page and Yelp to see all the helpful reviews.  Jolirose Cake Shop is award winning and currently has a perfect 5 star rating on Facebook, Yelp and Wedding Wire.  Thank you for taking the time to browse our website.